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Plumber Dean Masson and his family – 3 different Mercedes vans with 3 different uses both for business and pleasure

HERE’S a man who believes in keeping things in the family – Aberdeen plumber Dean Masson.

Not only is Dean one of a family of six, plus dog, he also has a family of Mercedes vans to keep business and home life on the move.

As well as running a Sprinter for his business, DM Plumbing & Heating Services, Dean, his wife Diane, and his four children and their dog like to enjoy weekends away in their seven-seat Vito Traveliner.

Dean told Business Vans: “We think of the Vito as a very practical family car, rather than a van. We’re an active family, always going on camping trips, and it’s the ideal vehicle for us.

“There’s room for all four children as well as Tia the Doberman Pinscher and all our gear.”

But if two Mercedes-Benz Vans weren’t enough, the Masson family have completed the set by buying a third, this time from the Citan range, which Diane is using as her ‘daily runabout’.

The Citan has seating for five with a practical luggage area, and is powered by a fuel-efficient 90hp engine.

“The Citan makes more sense than the Vito for everyday use,” Dean said. “Diane does the school run, then commutes to her office in her new vehicle, which uses very little fuel and attracts a low road tax charge. And the insurance is so cheap they’re almost giving us our money back!”

According to Mercedes, the Citan range combines market-leading fuel efficiency of up to 65.7mpg with CO2 emissions as low as 112 g/km. It includes features such as a folding bulkhead, to provide maximum load length as well as protection for the driver.

Panel van versions are also available in three body lengths. The Citan Dualiner offers the same seating configuration as the Massons’ vehicle, but based on the Extra-long format, it has even greater cargo space. The Citan has a volume carrying capacity of up to 3.8sq m and a maximum payload potential of 735kg.

Dean’s latest Sprinter is a Medium-length 216 CDI, while the family’s Vito Traveliner is a 115 CDI model which is equipped with optional extras including alloy wheels, comfort seats, carpets and colour-coded bumpers.

“I bought my first Mercedes van, a Sprinter, nearly 10 years ago and have not looked back since,” said Dean. “They have always lived up superbly to the brand’s reputation for reliability and long life, while the service from the local dealer has been excellent too, not least because I can get my vans maintained outside working hours if necessary.”


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