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Volkswagen Caddy
The international reveal of the new Caddy in Poland

WE already know how good the current Volkswagen Caddy is, after all it is the current recipient of our Best Local Delivery Van in the Business Van of the Year Awards.

But how do you improve on a formula that generated sales of over 1.5 million around the world and make the new Caddy even more relevant to SME van buyers?

Well, we asked some key members of the Volkswagen team their thoughts at the international reveal in Poland.

Here’s what they had to say…

New EU6 Engines

“In addition to EU5 engines, we will offer a completely new range of engines which comply with EU6 emission standards.” Carl zu Dohna, Director, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK.

Improved Fuel Consumption

“The new Caddy BlueMotion offers low fuel consumption of less than four litres per 100 kilometres (70+ mpg), and C02 of less than 100 g/km.
The new Caddy sets new standards in the light commercial vehicle segment.”  Dr. Eckhard Scholz, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

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