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HomeServe’s Jadon Silva said that the business would make up to a 15% fuel saving by installing Viezu’s BlueOptimize software in its vans

A new collaboration with Viezu Technologies, is expected to result in a 15 percent fuel saving  for HomeServe.

The emergency home repairs business is installing Viezu’s BlueOptimize tuning software in half of HomeServe’s vans with the other half being completed later this year.

BlueOptimize works by limiting throttle, engine revs, speed and power. It’s the only tuning software intended solely to reduce fuel and emissions consumption rather than improve performance according to Viezu.

Commenting on the initiative, Jadon Silva, HomeServe’s Director of Procurement said: “The introduction of this technology to our fleet of vans represents both an opportunity to protect the environment whilst also ensuring the fleet continues to operate to its maximum capability.”



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