Research shows that Leicester, Brighton and Bristol are the road rage centres of the UK
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NOW we are saying this only once, van drivers should avoid Leicester, Brighton and Bristol as they are the road rage centres of the UK.

An extensive survey of drivers across Britain has branded bad boys – and girls – and says where they are most likely to be in traffic next to you.

The poll for Carcraft has also identified drivers using mobile phones as most likely to cause anger because they are unable to concentrate on their driving.

It also puts motorists at greater risk, with one in four car crashes linked to drivers using a phone.

Also making the top 10 were being tailgated (74%) and road users not indicating (70%). Potholes – of which there are over 2 million on British roads – and bad parking also appear on the list.

The findings are the result of a poll, using the UK’s first road rage gauge, an online test which asked 2,000 drivers from across the UK to rate how different events made them feel while driving.

The Road Rage Gauge also identified that drivers in Leicester are the angriest in the country, with a 25% higher anger rating than the rest of the country. Brighton and Bristol residents came in second and third.

Britain angriest drivers were said to be in Leicester, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Stoke, Coventry, Preston, Norwich, Liverpool and Nottingham.

Colin Houlihan, CEO of Carcraft, said: “Driving for many is no longer an enjoyable experience and is now just a means of getting from A to B.

“It’s particularly interesting that the typical causes of road rage such as roadworks and middle lane driving are lower down the list. However we’re sure the growing menace of potholes will only infuriate more motorists as we approach winter and the conditions of British roads continue to worsen.”

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