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MINI Clubvan at the CV Show
Just what your business ‘kneads’ – MINI Clubvan debut at CV Show MINI Market

IN among all the big fleet operators at the CV Show with their beefy products and emphasis on reducing fleet costs was something far more…well, more fun, more personal!

MINI made its first appearance at the CV Show with the new Clubvan and demonstrated its vehicles with a ‘MINI market’.

There were three of the vans, all nicely signwritten, against relevant shop windows.

There was ‘Mr Buns Bakers – just what your business kneads’; ‘C and L Wick Candlestick makers – running costs that won’t get on your wick’; and M Cleaver Family Butcher – a prime cut above the rest’.

The vehicles cleverly demonstrated where the vehicle sits in the market – as a mobile marketing device for small, boutique local businesses.

The Clubvan is clearly capturing the imagination of small businesses, though. Another 170 have been ordered bringing the total sold to 370.

With only 600 available this year, if you want to get into the MINI market, you’d better order your MINI Clubvan soon!

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