Truckman Hilux 2016
Truckman Hilux 2016
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Truckman hardtops for 2016 Toyota Hilux

  • Approved by Toyota GB
  • Range of designs including sliding or gullwing side windows or solid doors
  • Sliding bulkhead window
  • Remote central locking
  • RS version enables truck bed to be used as mobile workshop

NEW Truckman hardtops for 2016 Toyota Hilux models have been launched with Toyota GB approval and features including remote central locking and tinted safety glass for sliding or gullwing side windows.

The new range of Truckman hardtops for 2016 Toyota Hilux pick-ups have been skilfully designed to complement the stylish new lines of the Hilux while maintaining Truckman’s renowned and impressive build-quality.

For over 30 years, Truckman have proudly supplied the market with quality hardtops for Toyota pick-ups combined with excellent customer service.

The Truckman Grand, which is the best-selling luxury model on the market, is now available for the 2016 Hilux, as well as the Truckman GLS and S-Series, which are all in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

Designed to incorporate a range of features, each of the new hardtops transform the truck bed into a secure and flexible storage space.  The Grand’s high quality specification includes new hidden seal design and tailgate configuration plus remote central locking, roof bars, sliding bulkhead window, automatic interior light, tinted windows and vinyl lining.

Among the key features of the new Truckman GLS are its sliding side windows, which can increase ventilation to the truck bed while maintaining its high level of security with heavily-tinted safety glass which is ideal for dog owners.

Providing increased accesses to the truck bed, without compromising security is the new Truckman S-Series, which is available with either gull wing opening side-tinted windows or solid side doors.  Also among its features are remote central locking, carpet lining, automatic interior light and sliding interior bulkhead window.

The range will be completed by the British-built Truckman RS, which is available to pre-order now and enters production in the coming months. The Truckman RS boasts the new hidden seal design, solid sides and is highly adaptable to enable the truck bed to become a mobile workshop with the ability to add accessories such as beacons, wiring and vents. As standard the RS is fitted with a LED automatic interior light.

Mike Wheeler, managing director of Auto Styling Truckman, said: “We are very proud of our new Truckman range for the 2016 Hilux and that it has been approved by Toyota GB.  It cements Truckman’s long-standing relationship with Toyota GB as a trusted and quality manufacturer of accessories that enhance their excellent pick-up trucks.

“The Toyota Hilux is one of the cornerstones of the UK pick-up truck market and the 2016 model will continue its legacy among business and leisure owners who can increase the functionality and styling of their vehicle with the addition of a member of the new Truckman hardtop range.”


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