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It doesn't have to be white
It’s a whitewash! Technicolor not welcome

IT’S all white!

Truly it is. Van drivers don’t like to worry about colour palettes because white remains the colour of choice for van drivers.

57 per cent of all registered LCVs on British roads are white vans

So 57 per cent (1.9 million) of all registered light commercial vehicles on British roads are white vans – that’s what Direct Line for Business has found in its latest analysis.

Despite the launch of a range of new colour palettes, white has remained the number one choice for van drivers over the last decade by a long way.

It is favoured by 57% or 1.9 million van users and the sheer number is growing as the number of registered LGVs in Britain increased by over 700,000 (26%) since 2003 to 3.3 million in 2013.

Next in the colour queue is silver but they account for just 11% or  368,285 models are this colour.

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